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We’re in it together

When you wear our work clothing, you are never alone. We are always there: in the seams, the zips and the design. We are there helping you so that you can focus completely on your job.

In North America Taiga is branded and sold as Torraka.

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Taiga 360 programme

Our integrated offering

Taiga 360° is our integrated offering. In it, we have gathered our knowledge about clothing, climate, working environment and the human body. When you buy a Taiga clothing system, you meet us in three interrelated phases: analysis, training and follow-up. We are with you through the whole process and always respect your needs.


Our solutions

Many people who use our clothing work in extremely tough environments. For this reason, we accept no compromises: our clothing is 100% adapted to our users’ needs. We always do our utmost to ensure that those who wear our clothing feel safe and secure. People are our main focus. Always.

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Functional clothing for field ops regardless of climate

Our clothing system is based on multiple layers for easy adjustment of your heat and moisture balance. Functional clothing for field ops regardless of climate. Taiga’s functional clothing allows you to adapt your clothing to your needs and environment. The most important step in protecting against hypothermia is to create an insulating layer around your body.

Excerpts from our instructional CPA 08 system video.


Climate Zone

Cover all climates

We offer complete clothing systems for environments ranging from extreme heat and humidity to bitter Arctic cold.

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Cover all climates

We provide clothing for all kind of fields ops

Wearing gives you the following benefits:

  • Improved judgement, work capacity and stamina
  • Better concentration, alertness and decision-making
  • Higher safety and comfort

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Climate Protection Systems™

Good clothes should keep you dry, warm and safe without restricting your movement. Taiga’s solution is called Dry, Warm, Secure.

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Dry, warm, secure

The first layer, known as the Dry layer, limits convection nearest the skin and keeps you dry. After this comes the Warm layer, which provides insulation and wicks away moisture. If necessary, this layer can be supplemented. The outermost layer, the Secure layer, is your protection against external factors.

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Dry, warm, secure
Camouflage & IR
Camouflage patterns
Camouflage patterns

Maximize your protection

We offer a choice of three standard camouflages, but can print national camouflage designs to order.

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An example of different camouflage colors and their wavelengths. Wavelength diagram

Taiga protects you

The Taiga system gives you visual camouflage and maximal protection against detection by equipment in the UV, VIS, IR and TIR spectrum lowering the risk of having your mission compromised.

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Taiga Climate Lab

The Taiga Climate Lab is open for you

Welcome to the Taiga Protection Center, a unique testing facility situated on the Swedish west coast close to international airports.

There you can try our clothing systems in:

  • A cold chamber with a simulated wind chill of down to -60 C°
  • A heat chamber with high temperatures and up to 99% humidity
  • A rain chamber with a precipitation rate of up to 260 l/min

The Taiga Protection Center is open for you. Let our expertise guide you to finding the perfect clothing system for your specific needs. Try us. We have a better solution!

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